Your vision for work
30 mins
Make work work for you
3 x 45 mins
Work check-in
2 x 30 mins
Cost £620 + VAT
Cost includes time and exercises

Whether you are a career professional or simply good at your job, work is a large part of most people’s lives and so it is important to be happy and fulfilled. You are probably already very good at your job but how could you make work brilliant for you?

The more of ourselves we bring to work, the more happy and more effective we usually are.

Your coach will work with you to take a look at your vision for your work, challenging perspectives, unveiling news ways of thinking and better understanding your priorities for a fulfilling work life. You will know how to get less of what you don’t want and more of what you do.

Be More Of You ‘At Work’ makes your work, work for you.

So step in and start to feel very different about 9’til 5