Inspiring Interviews

Be inspiring in interviews


If you are seeking to get your first job or to secure your place at college or university,  being brilliant in an interview can help enormously.

Success at interview rarely depends just on what you know, it is often dependent on how you present yourself. Showing the best of yourself in the often stressful situation of an interview call for the ability to manage your nerves, be confident, communicate well, build a rapport with those interviewing you – all while  coming across as your brilliant and authentic self.

Working with your coach or tutor, you will work on

  • Entering and exiting the room.
  • Introducing yourself
  • Building rapport with those interviewing you
  • Creating an intention
  • Communicating your key messages
  • Creating a relaxed state
  • Delivering a compelling performance
  • Daring to show your difference
  • Confident delivery
  • Dealing with the pressure of interview questions
  • Knowing how to respond, not react

You will develop practical skills and techniques to use during your interview and that will continue to serve you beyond the interview room. A practice session gives the opportunity for a full dress rehearsal so that when the interview date comes, you can be confident and compelling.