My natural leader 30 mins
Coaching sessions
2 x 60 mins
Understanding my impact
2 x 60 mins
Enabling others to be more of them
1 x 60 mins
Cost £825 + VAT
Cost includes time and exercises

Here at Be More Of You, we have re-labelled the term ‘leadership’ as the ability to ‘be more of you’.

This course helps you to do just that.

It will allow you to lead your life from character, not from coping. It will allow you to rely on, trust and use your own unique brilliance and strength in any situation, across all aspects of your life, every day.

Our experience means that you will receive the very best leadership coaching practices that are usually experienced by and afforded to only senior executives. Your coach will work with you so that responding to situations in a way that is aligned with what is important to you becomes a habit. Then, you will get used to creating from your character which feels natural, powerful and has huge impact on others.

Getting really good at ‘being you’ is what leadership is all about – well, among other things and we will look at those too. Being you takes some practice and it is both enjoyable and fulfilling.

Judy Garland couldn’t have put it any better
“ Insist on being a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else”.

Stand back and watch the impact on yourself and on others when you do.