Our Clients

Our Clients

Here is how our clients experience working with us

“My coaching was highly professional. The techniques used allowed me to improve my performance at work, to improve my work/life balance and to increase my confidence which has had a profoundly beneficial effect on my career and on my home life.

J Allan, Dad and Management Consultant.

“You hear how I feel. thank you. Without your coaching I would have never have applied for the job”

A Miller, Midwife and mum

“Your energised, approachable and grounded style has given me the confidence to find my own power and achieve the goals I continually set myself”

S Alldred, International Programmes Manager

“A great antidote to my intellectualism. You have a light touch that is really deep and during our coaching I feel I’ve found more of me, you sprinkle fairy dust for magical change and clarity”

D Evans, IT Consultant

My coaching is productive time focusing on me. it helps me to find the positives in my situation and see the value in me and see the potential in my future. I hung up the phone feeling good about my life, myself and my future. Coaching is not a magic wand, it is an effective way of taking time for yourself and shaping your ideas into a positive way to proceed.

B Jackson, Teacher

Rachel is a fantastic source of inspiration. She has empathy in abundance, is progress orientated and naturally extremely personable. The techniques she uses are innovative and practical. She has the ability to deeply connect with clients and I thoroughly recommend her

A Herron, Global Head of Ethical Investment at Aviva Investors

Rachel is able to create a very relaxed environment which allows you to understand what drives and what limits your personal effectiveness within your business. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with her.

M Owen, Managing Director, Elobau UK

Rachel has been working with us for over 2 years now helping us grow the people in our team from just turning up to work and operating unconsciously to truly understanding themselves …these subtleties of interaction make the difference between average working relationships and really great effective ones, which in turn leads to a more effective team.

Dr S Simmons, Senior R&D Manager, Unilever

Rachel’s helped me to realise that it was my own negativity that was affecting my ability to reach my goals. Her coaching approach was very warm and I felt that I could speak freely without fear of being judged. She showed me how to reach for the stars and believe in myself. Thank you Rachel.

J McCartney, NHS Senior Midwife