When To Change From Flip-Flops to Winter Boots?

When to change into winter boots

Right now, thousands of us are probably walking around with cold feet, reluctant to put the flip-flops away for another year, to finally mark the end of (even late) summer and determined to reject the thought of socks and winter boots.

Well this analogy isn’t just about flip -flops and boots, it is about your ability to live in the moment, to be confident of change and be positive about the future.

While in this case the action is moving from flip flops to winter boots, this is a pattern that appears across our lives – when to let go of something and how to be comfortable moving on. Flip flops may mark the end of the summer but if you are an autumn person you will already have your boots out and probably your jumpers too. If you love summer, you will enjoy clinging on to the adventures and the feeling of sand between your toes on the beach holidays or camping trips.

How ready you are to put your boots on, depends on your view on life.

If you can live in the moment, be positive and enjoy change, you’ll accept with ease of the changing seasons.

If you’re not quite so good at those things above (and it takes some practice to be) then you may well be clinging on with a sock, flip flop combination or maybe just still wearing them around the house.

One thing is for sure, you will know when it is time to change. Until then, accept the uncertainty and know that that the moment will arrive.

So next time you find yourself in a flip flop to winter boot dilemma, remember you will know when the time is right

And who knows, you may even enjoy getting your winter socks and winter jumpers out too

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