Take charge now, it’s too late when you die!

Congratulations! You Have Got The Job Of A Lifetime! Today, you are in charge. Infact, from right now, you are in charge not just today but every day. Yes there’s no boss to report in to, just you. You are the only one for the job. You are appointed, Manager Of Life.

If you don’t manage your own life, who is going to? So, if you are not getting absolutely everything you would like out of this precious little, once in a life time, thing called life, there’s no one to sack, no one else to blame, no need to resign, just change it to how you would like to be. The buck stops with you.

This is great news because, that means you get to make all the decisions AND you get to do it now, not when you die (it’s too late by then)

What? Me? In Charge? Now?

Yeah baby. You had better believe it. Wake up and smell the coffee. You get to choose, you get to steer, you get to direct the when, who, what and why of your life. And you get to do it right now.

Blimey Guvnor, I can’t do that, there’s some things that I can’t change.

Well this is when things just get even better. You see you are in charge of your own life in absolutely everything. And in the reality of life (outside of this blog) that means you get to take charge of the two lots of ‘stuff’ that life tends to be divided into
1 Stuff that happens, you can choose how you react to it..so you get to feel great
2 Stuff that you make happen. Creating the stuff that happens to you… so you get to feel great

See, you get to choose everything, all the time. This ain’t no part time job!

Hang on, hang on a cotton picking minute, that sounds tricky and I’m not used to it.

You bet! Being in charge of your own life is a bit of a realisation. It takes a moment to sink in, to take a deep breath and say ‘flipping heck that’s a bit of a responsibility.’

And there’s something else. It’s easy! You already know how to do it, You have all the equipment you need already inside you. You know what is important to you, you know what makes you laugh, what makes your heart sing, what makes you angry. You know what you are not happy about and you know what you dream about. You have full permission to accept the role of manager from now, we’ve looked and there is no one more qualified for the role, No one else has this unique combination of stuff that makes up ‘you’.

So all you have to do is begin to listen to what is already inside you – the stuff that makes you, yes you, feel good. The stuff that you are made of is your very own, in built ‘manage my life’ tool kit.

So how exactly do I begin to take charge then?

It’s easy, all you need to do to begin to manage your life is to listen to what feels right, for you, – ALL the time. It takes a bit of practice and a bit of self discipline. 50 times a day, in the queue for a coffee, cleaning your teeth, in the middle of a meeting, driving home, wherever you are, get into the habit of asking yourself these three questions:
Right now
‘What do I feel’
‘What do I need’

What do I choose’

You’ll start by getting really confident about the stuff that happens to you because you’ll react in a way that really feels like you. That feels great. You feel in powerful, constantly. Then, as you get the taste for it and get more confident in this ‘listening to yourself’ lark, you’ll begin to discover the utter wonder of ‘creating stuff’ you want part. That feels even better.

So are you ready to accept the position of manager of your own life and act only from what feels right to you?

Take it from us, it’s bloomin marvellous stuff

How to spot someone who hasn’t accepted the job.
They show signs of being a bit hard done to by life, by circumstance and by others
They are defensive, spending life mostly protecting themselves from risk
They like /need things their own way, it’s safer and more controlled that way.
They focus on the wrong or bad, rather than on the right or good.
They have a tendency to complain because they don’t feel things are in their control or that they have a choice.

How to spot someone who has accepted the job.
They’re calmer, generally more happy with their lot because they know everything is in their power to change.
They are open to and curious about others.
They positively acknowledge stuff and people, regularly.
They show gratitude.
They always skip the ‘story’ and go to the ‘person’.