What Is Coaching?

A very brief explanation


Coaching is….  

We connect young people with how they want to be, what they are good at and enable them to feel empowered about the choices they are making. Along the way we will tutor them in the skills of communication and personal impact that can take years to develop in the workplace. 

As member of the International Coaching Federation, we abide by the ICF code of ethics. That means all our coaching remains completely confidential and you can be confident of our professional standards

Coaching looks like this….

We create a safe space to have a powerful conversations that gives clients the space to reflect, get curious, better understand and learn about themselves. Just as we go to the gym to our keep our bodies fit, coaching gets us fit for life from the inside.

Coaching takes place face-to-face,  over video or telephone calls, whichever the client prefers. The coach uses coaching tools to help you discover what they client really wants, what is holding them back and what it is that really motivates and drives them.

The result of coaching is… Things become clear, confidence grows and personal presence is powerful. Clients get to know their natural self a little better, know what they are good at, understand what they want, know why it matters to them, see what holds them back and decide what they wish to change. It’s a rich and really enjoyable experience.

Clients have clearer intentions, create bigger aspirations, achieve more, enjoy more and be really empowered by the powerful choices they make.