What’s Your Dream?
60 mins
Coaching sessions
3 x 60 mins
Make it real
2 x 30 mins
Cost £690 + VAT
Cost includes time and exercises

It is funny how quickly ‘far off’ dreams become a reality when you allow yourself to ‘think big’.

This course is unique to and is especially designed to optimize the very best of you.

Your coach uses the most contemporary of techniques and an infectious coaching style so that you experience the power of daring to dream. By tapping in to your big agenda and your motivations and by learning to move forward without looking back, this programme will support you in reaching your specific goal, no matter how big or impossible it may seem to you just now. Once you see what you can do with your goals, everything becomes possible.

You will experience the real benefit of coaching in these short and inspiring coaching sessions. For anyone who yearns to achieve their goals, strives for better things, has a dream or a vision of how they would like things to be, this programme is for you.

Hold on tight, you’ll never feel more alive.