Powerful Presentations

Be a brilliant presenter


Presentations are an everyday part of real life. The best ones, engage the audience and convey a powerful story which allow the audience to take away the message behind the content.

This programme focuses not on the content but on the ability to deliver the presentations confidently so that they have the affect on the audience that you want to have. Together we look at

  • The purpose of the presentation and the messaging
  • Your intention for the audience
  • Audience connection
  • Managing nerves
  • Energy
  • Intonation
  • The use of pause
  • Creating emotion
  • Effective storytelling
  • Vocal and physical delivery

Using a thirty minute session, we’ll look at the meaning and purpose behind your presentation. Then we will work together, to practice, deliver and rehearse.  You will realise a new confidence in the way you present and will be able to design the impact you wish to have on your audience.

Cost: £80 per hour