Who am I in relationships?
60 mins
Coaching sessions
3 x 60 mins
Designing my relationships
2 x 30 mins
Cost £690 + VAT
Cost includes time and exercises

Life is about relationships.

Wherever we are, we are in relationships. How we relate with our colleagues, our family members, our friends and acquaintances and even ourselves has a tremendous impact on our lives.

Being better at being in relationships and being able to have and to hold strong and right relationships can transform how you relate to and engage with others.

Here at Be More of You, we are specially trained in organisational and relationship systems coaching (ORSC). That means your coach will work with you to share the knowledge of how relationships work and what it takes to have a healthy and stable relationship. Then they’ll work with you to focuses on the relationships in your life, helping you to clearly know how to be in a good relationship and how to invest in, grow, change and enhance the ones you already have.

So let’s begin to design the relationships you want to have, take it from us it feels good.