Establishing your vision
60 mins
Career coaching sessions
4 x 45 mins
Career check-in
30 mins
Cost £620 + VAT
Cost includes time and exercises

Whether you are a graduate seeking your first step, an established professional who is considering a change or a working mum returning to work, a career change can be daunting. Career guidance is limited, options can seem narrow and your confidence can often be low.

With this specialist Be More Of You ‘In Your Career’ coaching programme, your coach doesn’t begin by looking at the careers available, they start by focusing on helping you to work out just what it is that you want from your career. You’ll gain a better understanding of what it is that drives you, what you need to flourish and challenge you to think broadly and differently at your potential and the possibilities. Then you will get comfortable with the change you want to make.

By working with your coach, you will put yourself on a sustainable career path that is driven from you and not from the roles available.

Let’s face it, making the career choice that is right of you is not only important, it is a very wise investment of your time in your long term success and happiness.

Whatever stage you are at in your career, we’ll makes sure that you are on the right path and support you in taking the first few steps.