Who Are We

We’re people with a passion. We hold a real passion and a fundamental belief that everyone deserves to lead a fulfilling life and to be living at their best. That is why we’ve reached the global standard of coaching that allows us to be at our best in service of our clients. We really understand how to work with others so they see their brilliance and make powerful choices. We know it is a privileged to coach.

We’re qualified and have studied hard to reach the best standard in the coaching profession. We have gained the Accredited Certified Coaches (ACC) standard awarded by the International Coaching Federation and are some of only 297 ACC certified coaches in the UK. We’re members of the International Coaching Federation and qualified in Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaches. (Centre For Right Relationships)

We’re a mixture of professionals, some are business people, some are academics others specialize in communications or change management with differing careers working in all areas of the public and private and not for profit sectors. We coach people, whether they are leaders, graduates, chief executives, mums or midwives.

We’re like you, in addition to working and coaching, we’re busy leading full lives, among us we are volunteers, gardeners, aunties, mums, sons, daughters, pet owners, amateur triathletes and aspiring chefs. We have all been coached and know the change it brings.

We’re different and we celebrate it. We are a friendly bunch with great respect for eachother’s differing coaching styles and strengths. If we don’t think we’re the right coach for you, we’ll team you up with someone who we think will be great.