How are you dealing with change and uncertainty?

Rarely have we been living through such times of change and uncertainty. Many of us are working from home, perhaps indefinitely and we are all had to adapt quickly. From new ways of working, socialising, shopping and even communicating with families. And all this is in addition to the change that life brings anyway. What is certain is there will be more to come.

Clouds form, reshape, pass and form again. Fly through the clouds. Appreciate every moment. Change is constant.


How are you dealing with change?

We often forget that we are always dealing with change. The chances are that some of your best and worst memories involved moments of change.

So remember that you have a lifetime of experience and are perhaps better at this ‘change thing’ than you think. You are still ok. In fact, I suspect, you are probably more than ok. You are doing great.

Change is also movement, progress and learning. It often brings better, brighter or different things. When your house falls through, perhaps a better one is round the corner. When you don’t get the job you hoped for, you get something different and often more suitable. We know this right? It is just sometimes easy to forget in the moment.

How you feel in times of change and ‘in the moment’ can often be a habit. Things are changing, so I have to be worried or anxious. Change is bad. That often means we are resistant to it, clinging on to certainly or predictability. When infact, we know that things are never predictable.

The chances are that you don’t have to feel any of those things in times of change. You can choose to be different. It may take some practice but what would it be like to form a new habit where you could be excited about change, feel strong? Or grounded? Or just really confident with it?

If you can deal with change, you can deal with life. And you are already doing it.

Try asking yourself these six questions

  1. What have been the main points of change in my life?
  2. What am I proud of myself for in the way I responded to it?
  3. What did I learn about myself from the change?
  4. How am I viewing change or uncertainty?
  5. What perspective could I choose to have on it?
  6. If I chose that perspective, how would I be different towards change?

And we all have a choice of how we choose to be. At any point.

I remember, ahead of doing a parachute jump, a good friend said to me

It goes by so quickly, you can either spend the whole time being scared or the whole time enjoying it. Just choose before you jump