Fulfilment, May 2014

Time To Do A Selfie And Give Yourself The Thumbs Up Just Like Stephen

Doing a selfie by taking a photo of you in the ‘here and now’ and having a quick look at it for fun before you post it on social media for all to see, is a craze sweeping the world. And it doesn’t just have to be a visual exercise.

Taking a snapshot of yourself in the here and now is always a healthy and fun thing to do at any point. It makes you stop and say ‘hang on a mo, let me have a quick look at me, right now, how am I looking?’

And we’re not just referring to the visual look, we’re referring to how you’re shaping up in terms of the life you want to lead.

Just look at Stephen Sutton, his selfie was a plea to others to make every part of life count, just as he chose to do. It just happened to be a selfie that has today, the day of his memorial service, raised £4m on his just giving page.

So how about taking a selfie right now and asking yourself if you’re shaping up to the live the life you want to live?

Complete our ‘Be More Of You’ Selfie

Let’s start with the question that everyone should be able to answer

1 I believe that I deserve to life a full and fulfilling life. Yes/No
(Don’t worry if your answer is ‘no’ it is a common answer and just means that something, probably a saboteur, is holding you back. Coaching begins here)

2 I dream of a life where I……..(go on, name it, list everything, be bold)

3 At home I want a life where I…….(and this space)

4 At work I want a life where I……..(and this space)

5 If I really push myself and believe there is no boundaries then
What I’d be doing is…….
How I’d be feeling is……

Taking this quick selfie gives you a snap shot moment in time of how you are shaping up. It if throws up some interesting things for you then great. Play with the answers. Give yourself the thumbs up just for doing it.
The one aim for all of us, right now, in this moment in time has to be inspired by Stephen Sutton. Life is short. Life it to the full. That means knowing you deserve to live the life your dream of ,really believing that you can and changing it so you do.
Be More of You.
Right Now.

Unconditional Positive Regard
Unconditional Positive Regard