How To Feel Brilliant Today

Unconditional Positive Regard

This is a beauty.

What empowered people and strong leaders (that’s you) have in bucket loads is Unconditional Positive Regard.

Unconditional Positive Regard is a total commitment to see other people purely in the positive, seeing only good intention in all situations and at any time, without fail, without question. It is accepting that people, just like you have hopes, dreams and values that are equal to yours and may be different.

Unconditional positive regard for others is not a skill to be learned. It is just a powerful and positive choice that anyone can make. Practicing it unleashes more of you.

When you allow yourself to see others purely in a positive light, you see people and situations differently and have a greater impact on those you are with.

While it has a profound effect on how those around you respond to you, it will also have a huge effect on you, quite simply changing the way you see the world for the better and therefore the way you feel.

When it is used it quickly becomes second nature,

Give it a go right now…

Think about the last situation in which you felt uncomfortable, perhaps you felt aggressive, blamed others, complained, felt anger or took on the role of the victim.

What was it that made you feel that way?

Now think of that situation again.

This time hold the other person/people involved only positive regard.

What just happened? How did you see the situation differently? What was the change in how you felt? What information or perspective did you see that you hadn’t seen before?

Unconditional Positive Regard Does Two Things

Unconditional positive regard for others is a short cut to you being empowered. When you practice it, two things happen
1. It immediately removes any sense of ‘victim’ or ‘done to’ and other negative thoughts that lead to negative feelings.
2. When that happens, the ‘unconscious or habitual reaction of feeling anger, blame or like a victim’ is replaced with a ‘conscious response’ that you choose and is driven by your values and what you consider to be important.

And that helps you to be more of you, inject positivity into others and to you.

And THAT feels great.

It’s Impact On You

Holding others in unconditional positive regard keeps you calm, keeps you tapped into your sense of self and your own power. Because your outlook will change, so will your language and you conversation, which means you will create possibility, and positiveness that feels great.

It’s Impact On Others

You will find that having unconditional positive regard will keep the focus for those in any situation on something bigger, something more important, something more deserving of their (and your) energies and time.

Practicing Brings A Whole Lot Of Wonderfulness

Your response to almost everything will be more considered and positive.

You will feel great, calm, more detached from others and more engaged with them.

Your language will change to reflect your view of the world

You will have a positive impact on those around you.

You’ll be able to handle conflict and difficult situations more effectively.

Your mind will remain open to thoughts

Your heart will remain open to others

Your thoughts and energy will be used to create and think bigger.

You will be more detached to the situation and more close to the person

Practice unconditional positive regard and you will be more of you

Unconditional Positive Regard
Unconditional Positive Regard