Fulfilment, January 2014

Supply Your Own Sunshine in 2 Easy Steps

Supply Your Own Sunshine In 2 Easy Steps

In this dreary weather, where rain is the norm, forecasts remain ‘mixed’ at best and Spring seems to be stalling, how on earth are you expected to feel good?

The answer is to know what fills you up.

No, not pies or pasta but what fills you up with good, warm, happy, feelings of fulfillment.

Step one: Know what fills you up
This isn’t easy. We constantly know what we don’t like, what makes us feel bad, what we want less of. Knowing what you want more of and taking notice of what it is that fills you up is not something that we’re too familiar with.

Finding out what makes you beam from the inside does takes practice and a bit of a decision to focus on it for a while.

Remember a time when you last felt most alive. When you really felt ‘very you’. What was is that you were doing? How did you feel? What was it about that situation that made you feel like that?

For me, it is on the beginning of the runway on a plane that is about to take off. The mixture of freedom, un-known adventures, travel and a little fear is just fabulous. Outdoor swimming in the morning also makes me shine inside for the rest of the day.

Ask yourself. What do you want more of?supplyyourown

Remember, the word ‘want‘ is not selfish, not greedy, it is the doorway to fulfillment. So ask yourself what you want more of. When I was asked that question, fresh air, flowers around the house, quality time talking with friends, playing games with my niece and nephew to stretch their (and my) imagination and candyfloss (?!) all came up.

Step two: Go out and collect your own sunshine

Now pack your day with things that bring you sunshine, that internal glow of being fulfilled. There are things that you can put into the next hour, the next day, the next week and the next month. The longer the list of things that bring your sunshine the more you have to select from.

So go and discover, then go and collect and enjoy basking in the sunshine of fulfillment.

….and when you have, don’t forget to notice the impact you have on yourself and the impact you have on others.