Be Response-able For Being More of You

Be Response-able For Being More Of You

Guess what! Good news!

You can choose how you respond to anything and anyone at anytime.

Sounds simple? It may do AND few of us actually do it, even though once you start choosing your response – or becoming response-able – you bring out more of you.

Basically it’s like this.

When something happens, or someone says something, one of three things happen.

1 You respond by habit – in the way we’ve always responded in similar situations and don’t even think about it.
2 You respond by emotion – reacting by how we feel and again without too much thought.
3 You pause, listen to ourselves and to what is important to us and then choose how we want to respond.

Option 3 is the gem. You don’t have to be angry, you don’t have to make the comment you usually make, you don’t have to mirror the situation you see or the person speaking to you. You can choose your own response.

Blimey, it is simple!

And it feels great, you feel powerful and you feel like you’re showing people only the very best of the wonderful you all the time.

Being response-able, allows you to
– Show up as you, not just when you remember to do so.
– Live in a way that is in line with your values
– Feel good because you’ve been how you wanted to be
– Generate better and lasting relationships
– Have a genuine and powerful impact on others.
– Feel like you’ll never have any ‘un-conscious’ responses again.

And there it is, short and exceptionally sweet.

So next time something happens, whether it is a shock piece of news, a comment from your friend or someone pushing into you in a queue infront…..pause…..think what’s important to you…… choose…..and respond.

Once you get a taste for ‘response-ability’ we think there’s no going back. Enjoy