So You Want To Be Happy?

And so you should. You deserve to be. Everyone deserves to be. And congratulations on the first step towards it – asking what it would take.

(One little, tiny, weeny point before we start, if we’re being fussy, is that ‘happy’ is a temporary state, being fulfilled is often a richer and more permanent state, so how about aiming for that instead?)

So you want to be fulfilled? Good for you and rightly so. So how on earth do we get to be ‘fulfilled’? No one teaches us that at school, evening classes in fulfillment are few and far between and besides we’re much better and knowing and identifying what doesn’t fulfill us.

We often don’t know how to be fulfilled until we focus our efforts on it.

So how do you find space to work on being fulfilled among the busy days of working life and family life?

We’ll here’s a wonderful, 5 minutes short-cut that is all you need to work towards becoming fulfilled, It forms one of the fundamental principles of the work you will do with your coach.

It’s like this.

In life we have stuff to DO and we have a way that we like to BE because it makes us feel good.

We DO stuff like work, be a mum, clean the house, go to the supermarket, go to the pub, have dinner.

How we choose to BE is determined by our values, what matters to us and what makes us feel great.

Being fulfilled means skipping right over ‘DO’ and starting everything with how we want to BE.

So how do you want to BE? Calm? Friendly? Peaceful? Free?

How do you want to BE at work? With friends? At the meeting tonight? With your children?

If you were to BE like that, how would that feel? (the answer is usually ‘great’)

You see, we often start seeking fulfillment from what we DO. I’m not fulfilled so I’ll ‘DO” something different. STOP. Skip right over that. Start seeking fulfillment be deciding how you want BE and the feelings that gives you. Seek those feelings all the time and in every situation and you will begin to experience what it is to be fulfilled, in everything.

Go on, try it. Skip right over the DO and ask yourself how to do I want to BE.

Notice what happens….

Be more…. of you xx